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“Three years ago, I suffered a life-altering injury to my neck in a pool diving accident, leaving me paralyzed from the chest down – a quadriplegic. I’m sure you can imagine the many implications of such an event, both physical and psychological.”

Until just a few months ago I had been on chronic medication for nearly two and a half years, when I discovered the miracle that is CBD oil.

I had my reservations at first, but since trying CBD oil I can honestly say that for me, there is no medication that has matched it. I went from being depressed and sickly with the added side effect of short-term memory loss, to managing my pain with CBD oil and I’ll never look back.

I knew that I wasn’t alone in my suffering and desire for a product that treats my body and mind better than mainstream pharmaceuticals. This led me to create the Silver Leaf CBD brand and make the benefits of CBD more accessible to South Africans.

I do hope that you will find a good fit for your needs in our line of carefully selected products.
Wishing you health and a comfortable, prosperous life.

Pieter van Greunen

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We aim to be transparent, and provide the best product with our Certificate of Analysis.

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Our product is tested in a laboratory. Nevada, Usa.



Not only are we certified we are also lab tested.