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CBD Oil for Pets

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CBD oil Benefits for pets | Silverleaf

As the CBD wellness trend is gaining momentum and helping people with all kinds of ailments, animal lovers are excited about what CBD products can do for our furry friends as well. CBD oils are being used to treat various health issues in pets (cats and dogs especially) from calming anxiety to pain relief and more. Cannabidiol has been used successfully in many cases and recent studies are confirming the many benefits of CBD products for pets. Below is a list of applications for which CBD oil may be used:


Treating anxiety seems to be one of the main reasons pet owners turn to CBD. Dogs offer feel anxious when they need to travel when they are abandoned and have to deal with loud noises or stressful situations. They will display different (sometimes destructive) behaviors when they feel anxious or stressed. Cannabis oil is known to relieve the symptoms of anxiety in humans and pets, by increasing serotonin production.


Inflammation of joints or arthritis is often something older dogs suffer from. Luckily research shows that CBD can offer significant relief from pain and inflammation for them. Here is a study looking into the safety and clinical efficacy of cannabidiol treatment in osteoarthritic dogs.


While CBD oil has not been proven to prevent cancer from developing, it can make a big difference when dealing with symptoms and side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. For example, CBD can offer relief from nausea for humans and animals, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy.


CBD has properties that can control and prevent seizures, such as those experienced in pets with epilepsy. Studies show that cannabidiol could reduce the symptoms and also the overall frequency of seizures occurring.


Dogs and cats also tend to suffer from skin allergies and irritation for various reasons. Insects, pollen or poor hygiene can cause the skin to itch and be very annoying for your poor pet. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory qualities with can help to soothe your pet’s skin and reduce inflammation.


CBD oil can also help to improve sleep for your beloved pet. CBD is known to reduce anxiety and when administered in higher doses can make cats and dogs drowsy and help them to sleep more soundly in general.


Your pet’s appetite can improve with the use of CBD oil. Sometimes certain medical treatments will leave your pet going off his food for a while. Cannabidiol can help with nausea and vomiting and thus help pets to regain their appetite.

How to use CBD oil correctly for your pet

We recommend speaking to your veterinarian before using CBD oil to treat your cat or dog. Also make sure that you use a good quality CBD product designed for pets, such as our Silverleaf pet oil product. Be sure to use the recommended dosage and monitor your pet closely for any possible side effects, as with any medication. As with humans, there is no danger of CBD making your pet feel “high”. CBD oil does not contain THC, the compound which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.

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